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Busy busy busy
21st November 2018

It is definitely that time of year when everyone is really busy with everything from work, Christmas functions and preparing for…

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Hitting the gym
13th November 2018

As I slowly return to training, coach has got me doing some work in the gym. All foundation laying stuff. Exercises…

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Hormone Reset Diet – scrapped!!
21st January 2017

Omg what was I thinking, trying to do something so dramatic to my body whilst still training for several races in…

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Tarsh’s Running Sticks!!
13th December 2016

In my last blog update I mentioned my running sticks and since then I’ve had quite a lot of readers ask…

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Part I – Journey to Ironman Western Australia 2016
8th December 2016

***Important note*** This will be a long report, so I suggest either get a tea and biscuits or a glass of…

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WOW did that just happen?!!!!
7th November 2016

Monday’s here in Noosa mean big swim day for me, and usually a run of some kind. Today, was no different….

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Jeju Island, South Korea
1st October 2016

​I will be upfront from the beginning, I did no sight seeing in the sense of what a tourist would do…

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I came, I trained, I raced, I qualified! 
29th September 2016

When Travis and I completed our first camp with Brett Sutton and the TriSutto pros, we decided to not only sign…

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30th August 2016

Well it’s been sometime since I’ve updated my blog. I write this whilst being passenger in our fully loaded Ford Focus…

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Pull buoy, oh how different they can be!
19th June 2016

Since attending Brett Sutton’s camp in Mallorca and Saint Moritz, and being coached by Perry Agass, swimming with the a pull…

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