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Not always strong
14th January 2019

Gee if I could share all the thoughts in my head……you’d be here for days 🤣 Life has been a bit…

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Busy busy busy
21st November 2018

It is definitely that time of year when everyone is really busy with everything from work, Christmas functions and preparing for…

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Typical me
7th November 2018

I always have every intention of updating my blog but yet never make time to do exactly that. My last Ironman…

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Ummm …. where to start
28th October 2017

So typical of me! Don’t blog for like three months and then I wanna come here and write about everything BUT…

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So many questions!
13th July 2017

As you can imagine there are so many questions, either from us or from others to us. Where are we at…

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What if?
12th July 2017

Now friends and family, please do not freak out at this post. Those of you who know me well, know that…

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Holiday is over!
19th June 2017

Come Wednesday of this week, I re-enter the workforce after being on a career break for the past 18 months.  The…

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It has been ages……time to bring you all up to date!
5th November 2016

I have been in Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast now for just on 2 weeks and every day since being here I…

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30th August 2016

Well it’s been sometime since I’ve updated my blog. I write this whilst being passenger in our fully loaded Ford Focus…

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It’s time to go……
31st March 2016

I cannot believe 6 months has passed since my husband, Travis and I returned to Melbourne, Australia. We leave tomorrow (Friday…

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