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Ironman Italy
8th November 2018

It has been a suitably long time since I raced. About time I gave you all an insight to my race…

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An unexpected Personal best!!!
21st August 2018

For those of you who have been following my journey through life and racing, thank you, I’m very grateful. Ironman Kalmar…

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Race #4 – Ironman TexasHoly shit, I raced with my heart!
26th April 2017

Holy shit, I honestly still cannot believe I finished! We all knew where my mind was at, and how inconsistent my…

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Race #4 – Ironman Texas Pre race chat!
21st April 2017

It is the day before Ironman Texas. I’ve racked my bike, dropped my bags off, had lunch, met Betty’s and now…

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What on earth happened??
17th April 2017

I turn 40 and the next day, I get on my borrowed bike trainer with the goal of doing 4 hours…

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23rd January 2017

With just less than 12 weeks till my next Ironman, my remaining time in Noosa is going to be based solely…

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The day my training finally showed up in a race – IMWA Part II
9th December 2016

Definitely get a cuppa and some biscuits or a very large glass of vino, sit back, relax and come on a…

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WOW did that just happen?!!!!
7th November 2016

Monday’s here in Noosa mean big swim day for me, and usually a run of some kind. Today, was no different….

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You beauty, Number 6!
29th June 2016

3 days later and finally I am writing my race report. No better time I guess than when my husband is out…

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IM Austria, it’s a training day!!
25th June 2016

It is like the night before christmas, the night before an Ironman. As this is my 6th I no longer get…

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