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Challenge Family ‘The Championship’
1st June 2017

Currently on an Easyjet flight from London Gatwick to Vienna, where staff from the Xbionic Hotel in Samorin will come and…

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Watch “Tarsh’s tip – removing grease from your apparel.” on YouTube
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Race #4 – Ironman Texas Pre race chat!
21st April 2017

It is the day before Ironman Texas. I’ve racked my bike, dropped my bags off, had lunch, met Betty’s and now…

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What on earth happened??
17th April 2017

I turn 40 and the next day, I get on my borrowed bike trainer with the goal of doing 4 hours…

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Race #3 – Florida 70.3 – Haines City! You are not flat!
12th April 2017

Another one in the bag. Why do I race so much, I have no idea lol lol. It is clearly my…

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My personal experience of being on a cruise ship!
13th March 2017

So this is late! I actually wrote this on the plane flying from Sydney to LA, but as soon as we…

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Race #2 of 2017 – From 42 degrees to 19 degree, rain, hail and wind with a peeky boo of sun……
21st February 2017

Yes, that is right folks, three weeks ago I raced in 42 degrees and last Sunday, I was reminded by mother…

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Breakthrough race!
9th February 2017

I get distracted so easily lol. I have been trying to write this race report all morning but I am like,…

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Race #1 for 2017
3rd February 2017

What better time to write a post update than whilst roadtripping to the event itself. Trav and I are currently on…

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Announcing 2 new ambassadorships!!
14th January 2017

Hi everyone It has been a long time between updates, apologies for that. I will be making a conscious effort to…

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