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Pass the parcel
27th July 2017

Stealing the title from my hubby’s post on Facebook last night, the rollercoaster of cancer continues. Tuesday, Trav’s sister Tahli arrived…

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Race #6 – Owler Aquabike
25th July 2017

With all that is going on, I still decided to participate in this event. Bit of distraction and also change of…

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21st July 2017

For so long I’ve been known as the social age group triathlete, I’ve built a presence around it with ‘IronTarsh’, and…

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16th July 2017

I had to write this, like straight away whilst it is fresh in my mind, cause I’m not sure what just…

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So many questions!
13th July 2017

As you can imagine there are so many questions, either from us or from others to us. Where are we at…

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What if?
12th July 2017

Now friends and family, please do not freak out at this post. Those of you who know me well, know that…

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11th July 2017

Exactly that, WOW, my life was turned upside down just under a week ago. Most of you will/may have been following…

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Holiday is over!
19th June 2017

Come Wednesday of this week, I re-enter the workforce after being on a career break for the past 18 months.  The…

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Race #5 – The Championship!
5th June 2017

Such an incredible day, I have no idea where to start as I have so much to share. Okay, let’s start…

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Challenge Family ‘The Championship’
1st June 2017

Currently on an Easyjet flight from London Gatwick to Vienna, where staff from the Xbionic Hotel in Samorin will come and…

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