By: supergal007

‘Tarsh Thinkcubator’
18th January 2019

You heard it here first, the ‘Tarsh Thinkcubator’ !!! What the heck is that you’re probably asking yourself?!?!? Well, whilst in…

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Not always strong
14th January 2019

Gee if I could share all the thoughts in my head……you’d be here for days 🤣 Life has been a bit…

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See ya later 2018
31st December 2018

You know I could write so much here about myself and what I’ve achieved this past year and blah blah blah…

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Recent feature on Lessons in Badassery
29th November 2018

Hey Gang I have not done this before, but back in October an article came out about ‘Chasing my Ironman Goal’…

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Busy busy busy
21st November 2018

It is definitely that time of year when everyone is really busy with everything from work, Christmas functions and preparing for…

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Hitting the gym
13th November 2018

As I slowly return to training, coach has got me doing some work in the gym. All foundation laying stuff. Exercises…

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Tarshy’s Cave
13th November 2018

On Saturday post my run and yoga session, not only did I rearrange my office, I also decided to change my…

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2019 Race Season
9th November 2018

2019 is going to be HUGE in terms of travel, racing and Stomp the Pedal. I’m looking to be eligible for…

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Ironman Italy
8th November 2018

It has been a suitably long time since I raced. About time I gave you all an insight to my race…

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Typical me
7th November 2018

I always have every intention of updating my blog but yet never make time to do exactly that. My last Ironman…

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