You know I could write so much here about myself and what I’ve achieved this past year and blah blah blah but I’m not going to.

I simply want to say THANK YOU

* to my husband for staying alive for another year

* to my two beautiful cats, Lucky and Nero for being so loving and allowing me to be their fur parent

* To my health, for not making me too sick this year

* To EFG for the continued contracts that allows me to support my family, fund my business and triathlon racing around the globe

* To my body for continuing to allow me to push it’s limits in swim/bike/run

* To social media for allowing me to connect with so many more people this year and actually meet many in real person

* To my friends and family for always being supportive/encouraging/and honest with me

* To mother nature for still giving us seasons to enjoy, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn

Simply THANK YOU and bring on 2019!