It is definitely that time of year when everyone is really busy with everything from work, Christmas functions and preparing for Thanksgiving if in the USA or Christmas.

Life in the Tremayne household is one of two ships passing in the night at the moment.

With my current contract, I’m responsible for training all employees within the company on a new CRM platform. This is definitely quite tiring, as you are on your feet all day and of course talking. Ha ha something I’m quite good at. 🤣🤣

Then, as the year draws closer to an end, I wanted to make way for new product coming out next year for Stomp the Pedal.

So until the end of this week, Friday 23rd Nov at midnight I’m clearing out as much of the remaining stock as possible. Everything on the site is 50% off. 🍾🎉🥂

If any of you would like to take a look, the code is Style50 and is to be applied at checkout.

The last two days has nearly cleared out all.the remaining stock but there are still some great deals to be had on there.

Now, as I finish a day’s work in the corporate world, I then come home pack orders which then my dear husband mails for me the next day and I finish off by getting my training done.

2019 is a huge season for me as it is my Road to Legacy. So I want to ingrain some good behaviours. Best time to do it is when you are really busy already.

Nothing like riding your bike, running or lifting some weight to realign the chakras in the body I say.

In closing, we are all busy right now. Just remember to hug your loved ones, thank them for supporting you in your journey through life and always be kind.

Till next time