2019 is going to be HUGE in terms of travel, racing and Stomp the Pedal.

I’m looking to be eligible for legacy this year, so a lot of racing is on the cards.

I’ll explain my road to legacy in a separate post.

In this post I wanted share all my races. Maybe if you are at any of them I will see you there.

So without further ado, here you go:-

February 24 ~ Sri Lanka 70.3

April 2 – 15 ~ My inaugural Stomp the Pedal camp. The camp is from 8 – 13 April. Completely sold out. Can’t wait!!!

April 28 ~ Marbella 70.3

May 11 ~ Ironman Santa Rosa

June 16 ~ Lakesman middle distance

August 18 ~ Ironman Copenhagen

September 15 ~ Ironman Wales

Yup I’m finishing my year with Ironman Wales. This one scares me the most due to its difficulty but I know I can do it.

So there you go my friends, 2019 is my road to legacy!!!