I always have every intention of updating my blog but yet never make time to do exactly that.

My last Ironman race report is nearly done and I will post it even though it is a couple of month late, purely as I know my race experience helps others decide or even understand the course they wish to race.

Not a great deal of exciting information to post as I’m pretty much working my butt off at my corporate job at the moment. No complaints as I have had my fair share of travel and time off this year.

I will also do a Kona 2018 round up of my experience this year. My second year since taking Stomp the Pedal out there in 2017.

There will be a blog post coming to explain my race season for 2019. It’s gonna be a huge year.

Enough rambling here. I’m still alive. Training is slow but I’m not going to beat myself up about anything at the minute.

Things will quieten down in a few weeks time.

Ciao for now