I am now in the final days before I toe the start line of my 9th Ironman, since March 2014.

The last Ironman I did was in April last year, Ironman Texas. Since then it has been a full on year, so many ups and downs but I always like to stay up rather than be down.

In all my previous Ironmans I have always suffered on the run leg. I believe this to be for several reasons,

1 – I never do enough running in training

2 – I always bike way too hard, suffering on the run leg and

3 – In my mind I have always thought that I am not a runner, especially with my booty

On this occasion however, I have been far more consistent with my running and more importantly I believe I am runner now.

The mind is indeed a very powerful muscle and if worked in the wrong way, can have a very damaging affect.

So without writing loads and loads, my one and only goal for Ironman Kalmar is to stick to my run plan of 9 min jog/run with 1 min walk for the entire 42.2kms.

I don’t care what I swim or bike. I simply want to achieve the goal of sticking to my run plan.

Whatever the time is when I cross the finishline is irrelevant for this race. IT IS ALL ABOUT STICKING TO THE RUN PLAN.

I am a social triathlete who simply loves the sport and enjoys the challenge of racing and knowing that time is irrelevant for this race is so freeing.

Thank you to all who have supported and continue to support me with training posts and updates. I appreciate all the well wishes and will write responses back to all.

5 sleeps to go. Race day is Saturday 18th August! Race number is 853 – look at the numbers…..all the 8’s (18/08/2018, and my race number is 853 which can also be seen as 88) I think it is going to be a great day!