Race week has arrived and with my upcoming birthday.

I love birthdays. Usually I start crap on about my birthday month or week, but I’m so preoccupied with work, training, Stomp the Pedal that I’ve not even come up for air.

Moving on from birthday week, in true ‘me’ style, the chick who loves to race, I’m racing on my birthday in Rome!!

That is right. Initially the plan was to race Ironman South Africa, but with not being fit enough for an Ironman I decided on a half instead.

Happy and I love the Challenge Family and all that they stand for, so we decided why not race Challenge Rome on my birthday instead. Closer to home, Happy hasn’t been to Rome, great opportunity. Plus this year the race is moving to a full middle distance race.

How am I feeling??

I must admit, I have no idea. I would like to think all the consistency over winter will put me in a good position to have a good race and truthfully there shouldn’t be any reason why not.

What I am capable of, that is what I’m unsure off. So this race is not about times etc, it is about execution and hoping to run a consistent half marathon.

Over the winter period I’ve run about 5 half marathons and quite a few long runs outside of racing.

What is my downfall? I’ve not swum very much. I have found since returning to the UK, after I swim I suffer really badly from sinus irritation, that sleeping becomes an issue.

My sleep is so important to me. So I’m not expecting a great deal from myself on the swim. Simply because I’ve not done the work.

The bike!! As most know I have ridden a lot. 95% of it has been on the trainer. The only time I’ve been out on the road, was when I went to Lanzarote for a week. Then I was able to climb, ride the flats and deal with headwind etc.

I would be lying if I said that I don’t have any expectations of myself for the bike leg. I would love to hold a 30kph 90km bike leg. I know I am capable of it, I just need to have that conversation with my mind.

Then we come to the run leg. I have to admit, we all know that I don’t enjoy running BUT the last week, something has slightly changed within me.

I am controlling my mind a lot more when I am out there. I remind myself that I will get better. I will always suffer, even as I get faster, I just need to accept it and get on with it. A lot of the time, it’s simply about not stopping during the run leg.

Okay so Challenge Rome.

We swim the 1.9km in the bay, approx 30 mins from Rome itself.

We then complete a little loop before completing 3 loops along coastline, in and out. There are a few turns but that is fine. I suspect we will definitely get wind of some kind. It’s along the coast, so that is bound to happen.

Then the run is 5 laps of 4.2kms. the run will be great for all, as Spectators will be able too see multiple times. There is no hiding on this run course.

Check out this link to the course in 3D.

Challenge Roma course

I’m looking forward to a break from this crap weather and some time with my hubby!!! My number 1 fan xx

Bring on race day!