I always start with ‘OMG I have not blogged in so long’ well you know what, I haven’t and really ‘who cares?’. No one.

Decided to call this blog – RESET, as that is what I feel I need to do.

My mind has been going all over the place, with training, ideas, Stomp the Pedal, and just life really.

It is I that creates all this busy-ness in my life. Really, deep down I love it.

A couple of days ago, I watched my friend Hayleys instastory and she was talking about Bullet Journalling. Anyway I had not heard of it ever. So I did some research and I have started using this method to see if I can organise my head.

Hayley will do a blog on it soon I am sure, so I will let her tell you more about it. But it is fun, and I am trying it for 30 days before I invest anything into it, other than my time!

Outside of the bullet journalling, I am busy getting my second & third collection prepared for Stomp the Pedal. It is inspired by love of the 1920s classic elegant art style ‘Gatsby’. For anyone that knows me, they will know not only did I celebrate my 30th birthday 10 years Gatsby style, but my wedding 2 years ago was also Gatsby.

The third collection, will be completely different to either of the previous two. The colours, the patterns, a softer look. I will write more about Stomp the Pedal however in another post.

This post was simply to RESET the blog and to commit to blogging more regularly. My bullet journal is going to help me with this!

That is all for now my friends