So typical of me! Don’t blog for like three months and then I wanna come here and write about everything BUT I won’t.

I will attempt to write various updates with the notion of keeping them short, sharp and punchy! That might be a bit difficult for a bloody talker like me lol lol!

The last thing I wrote about was Trav and his cancer!

WOW life is such a freaking rollercoaster of a never-ending story. You simply never know what is going to happen next!

Let’s give a quick run down and then I reckon some of the following posts I might write in greater detail, cause we know how much I love to bloody talk ha ha ha

  • Quit my contract so I could spend time with my amazing hubby during his immunotherapy treatment
  • Finally decided it was time to bring Stomp the Pedal to life. I only thought about it and talk about it for 3 plus years, so it was about time. So the wheels were put in to motion

    Stomp the Pedal BABY!

  • Raced or should I say I participated at Weymouth 70.3 (suffered asthma badly)
  • Went over to Jersey to watch the Super League Triathlon – so much fun
  • Launched my business in Skincare – Rodan + Fields. Number 1 skincare brand in USA, now available in Australia and Canada!!

  • Did some trail races, and finally began to fall in love with running, trail running to be more specific. Stomp the Trails was born in my head and with the help of others encouraging me!

    Stomp the Trails

  • Stomp the Pedal went live and pre sales opened on the kit! (SO EXCITING)

My Flor Flor kit !! Stomp the Pedal

  • Made the decision last minute to go to Kona! Decided to promote Stomp the Pedal whilst I was out there
  • Kona was a blast. Got to see loads of friends but it was pretty hectic. One week there is never enough!
  • Stomp the Pedal gear arrives and all is mailed out to clients (AGAIN SO EXCITING) the kit in real life looks freaking awesome!

Happy client, Linzey rocking her Flor Flor shorts and jersey! First client to get her Stomp the Pedal kit!

  • Brings me to NOW, in North Devon, ready to run my first ultra tomorrow. Named the hardest ultra in the UK, probably due to the amount of elevation over 48km – 1700m

The view here is AMAZING! Ocean for days!


A new idea, instead of me rambling on, what if I asked you to comment below on what you would like me to expand on!

Let’s try something new!

Happy Saturday!