I don’t even know where to begin with this post, so many thoughts, feelings going through my mind.
Yesterday had been a good day and I’m so glad we celebrated, cause this journey is so full of ups and downs.
Today, I didn’t go to the specialist meeting with Trav, as he has his sister and maybe deep down I didn’t want to hear any bad news, if any.
Well, whilst at work, Trav and Tahli went to the meeting. And from what I was told, it was full on.
A lot of information to process, some good and some life changing.
The whole thing is life changing but this was more of an impact on a recent decision we had just made together.
So let me explain, and this will also make more sense about the #777.
On the 7th July 2017 #777,  Travis had his surgery which saved his legs!! This was our first 7.
This started our conversations on whether we should try for children. I mean we’d been talking about it. You know, go get checked out and see what was happening internally and see whether we still could. And just this month, I bought the pee sticks and we have it a go when we got the smiley face.
On the 17th July 2017 #777, it was day 1 on our way to recovery. It was our first appointment with the oncology department, at that time sourcing l specialising in the lung region. Our second 7!
Today 27th July 2017 #777, after meeting with the specialist, the leading expert in the world, we finally got some serious life changing diagnosis. Our last 7.
Today, Trav was told that the cancer on his spine had started to regrow on another vertebrae and the specialist was not happy about this.
He is to start his treatment tomorrow. There is no time for him to process this, or get to a fertility clinic to extract some sperm, it’s basically straight to treatment. He cannot even give us this weekend, he wants Travis to start tomorrow.
Now even though this is great news in one sense, it is also heartbreaking in another sense.
The treatment that he will be is the cutting edge immunotherapy drug/s. He will undergo 4 rounds of this, 1 round every 21 days. He will then need to take another drug for 2 years at least.
So how does this affect us trying to conceive? It means once he starts the treatment, his sperm will become bad, to put it simply. Trying to conceive during this time would mean a higher chance of a defective feotus. And the advice from the doctor is, if this happened we would be required to terminate. The specialist has advised no trying for children during this time.
By the time we would get to the all clear stage where he may produce good stuff again, I would be too old, for my own personal self to begin trying to conceive.
So, we need to accept that naturally trying for a child is no longer on the cards. And this is where the heartbreak is.
Other news is he has a 66% chance of this treatment working for him. Which is great. This for me is what we will now focus on. Not the 33% chance where it could not.
He is also required to go for a brain MRI on Monday, just to make sure that the cancer has not spread to his brain. And another appointment next Friday to ascertain how the drug is taking to his body.
Yeah….. So….. Lots of information, some good and some not so good. Maybe I played it too cool yesterday, but I’m glad I did for my own benefit, as I got to enjoy seeing him smile as he bought a lot of colourful plants for our home etc.
Yes I’m sad, yes I’m scared and yes I’m now actually crying as I reread this and it all becomes a little bit more real.
I want my husband to be saved and I know that he will kick it’s arse.