I had to write this, like straight away whilst it is fresh in my mind, cause I’m not sure what just happened!!!

Today, I had a long slow HR run to be done on trails. So gonna be a bit hard as my heart rate is a little fucker, it likes to elevate very quickly.

Anyway after getting lost arriving to my destination, Reigate Hill North Downs Way , I got myself out of car and the view simply took my breath away.

Anyway I had a 1:15 zone 2 HR run to do. So off I set. The whole time I was absolutely mesmerized by the view. 

My run was very much, a bit of running before I had to walk to bring HR down before setting off again. This annoyed me a little but then. Had to remember, my coach told me, these runs are not about pace, these are about running in the zone. Once I reminded myself of that, I simply let it go.

As I passed runners or they passed me, we smiled/waved and even said hello! Love it.

The whole time I was running all I could think about was OMG Trav is going love it here.

Screw the fucking cancer Happy Tremayne, you’ll be coming out here, with your book, you’ll sit on any of the park benches here and enjoy every second of it!

I can’t bloody wait.

Also, I know this is gonna shock many as it shocked me BUT I think today I fell in love with running……..TRAIL 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ I mean how freaking frees it!

So, on that note Weymouth 70.3 will be my last major triathlon for awhile. I’m gonna enjoy my bike and also trail running.

Time for something different! oH and I think I wanna live out here!!