As you can imagine there are so many questions, either from us or from others to us.

Where are we at currently?

Confused, overwhelmed, lost, and so many more words.

We are still limbo land, because the biospy results of Trav’s growth is not yet back from testing, so even though we know he has lung cancer, we have no idea which kind of lung cancer it is.

So many types of lung cancer….far out!

Also, let it be known that the growth on his spine is still there, they only removed enough for testing to be done.

We know that he will begin radiotherapy on his spine in the next couple of weeks. Our oncology consultant will have his case discussed on Monday with their team. 

Thanks to everyone who have been giving us information on treatments, their experiences etc, it’s great but it is also really overwhelming. So much information to process. We will slowly process the information in our own time. 😉

Whilst we are limbo cancer land, and without a detailed biospy result, we will be using the next week and half to celebrate Trav’s spine healing.

I mean, wow for fucks sake the man is going to be able to walk!!!! 

He is still processing the fact he has cancer. I think that is only really starting to hit him, especially now that he is home. 

I return to the office today, and we will take my working one day at a time. I work for a great company, so I have their full support. 

That’s all I’ve got for now…….I’m still numb.